5 Reasons Why Hotmail is Better Than AOL

Hotmail is a Netherlands-based email service provider. It was originally founded in 1996 and has been one of the most popular services since its inception. Hotmail’s competitors are AOL and Yahoo! Mail,but it is better than both services because of these five reasons:

 Why Hotmail is Better


  1. Hotmail is the most popular email service in the Netherlands.
  2. It has more than 700 million people using it every day, and 50 billion emails are sent each day as well.
  3. It’s easy to use because of its mobile app on iOS or Android, which makes checking your email anywhere possible.
  4. The spam filter is the best of all three services, and it’s very easy to block or delete emails.
  5. Hotmail has a lot more storage space than Yahoo! Mail with up to 50GB for inboxes that are never deleted.

About AOL:

AOL is an American-based company, which started as a dial-up internet service provider. They were originally founded in 1985 and have grown to be the third most popular email service today because of their strong advertising campaigns.

About Hotmail:

Hotmail is a Netherlands-based email service provider, which was originally founded in 1996. It has been one of the most popular services ever since its inception and offers a variety of features that AOL doesn’t offer.

5 Reasons Why Hotmail is Better Than AOL

Reason one: Having a Netherlands-based email service means that hotmail.co.uk sign in is better protected from U.S government surveillance and interference, because they don’t have to comply with the Patriot Act like AOL does.

Reason two: Hotmail offers more storage space than Yahoo! Mail or AOL at unlimited GBs for their paid account users, and it is cheaper than AOL.

Reason three: Hotmail offers two-step verification to better protect their user’s account from being hacked, which Yahoo! Mail and AOL don’t offer at all.

Reason four: Hotmail has a variety of features that make the email experience more pleasant for users, such as an improved spell checker and a word suggestion program.

Reason five: Hotmail is compatible with more devices and operating systems, such as Windows Phone, Blackberry OS, MacOSX Leopard/Snow Leopard (Mac), iOS and Android. AOL’s compatibility list is shorter than Hotmail’s by about twenty devices at the moment.


The Netherlands-based email service Hotmail Nederland is better than AOL for these five reasons: they are the most popular Netherlands-based email service, have more storage space (up to 50GB), offer two-step verification and come with a variety of features that enhance the user’s experience. The Netherlands has legislation that protects them from U.S

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